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Must Haves for your Kitchen Renovation

Renovating your kitchen is usually one of the most longed for home renovations and it’s a very exciting time, because you can have everything you want in your dream kitchen! The problem for many of us however, is balancing functionality with aesthetics and our budget!

So here are six 'must-haves' in your new dream kitchen and once you have these organised you can spend the rest of your budget on making your new kitchen look even more fabulous.

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Preventing Grime after your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners realise that a new bathroom can completely transform their lifestyles and increase the value of their properties. One of the problems however, is the build-up of grime that occurs in bathrooms, usually due to the humidity and the warmth in the air.

So if your bathroom has just been remodelled and you want to keep it looking its absolute best all year round, here are a few tips on keeping ahead of the grime.

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6 Critical Tips When Planning a Home Renovation

Many Australian home owners decide to renovate their home, rather than move to another property. This can be for many reasons, but it is usually because they love their neighbourhood, they are close to work, school and friends, and a renovation will increase the value of their home.

A home renovation however, isn’t something that you can rush, because it takes careful preparation and management to get the job done right. If you are considering tackling a home renovation, here are six critical steps you need to take to ensure a successful outcome.

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How to pick a bathroom renovation contractor

One of the biggest mistakes home owners and investors make when they are renovating their bathrooms is to select the cheapest quote. If you want a quality renovation that is completed on time and within budget, then you need to pick the best bathroom renovation contractor – but how do you do that?

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Big Mistakes Made by Kitchen Renovators

A poorly designed kitchen or one that no longer works for your family’s lifestyle can be frustrating, which is one reason why so many home owners love to renovate their kitchens. Another reason is because a newly renovated kitchen adds value to their home and yet another reason is to update an investment property.

Whatever your reason for a kitchen makeover, you always want to consult a kitchen expert to make sure that you don’t waste your money with another bad design. As we all know, kitchen renovations don’t come cheap, so to help you spend your money wisely, here are the top 5 mistakes you need to avoid.

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