Big Mistakes Made by Kitchen Renovators

A poorly designed kitchen or one that no longer works for your family’s lifestyle can be frustrating, which is one reason why so many home owners love to renovate their kitchens. Another reason is because a newly renovated kitchen adds value to their home and yet another reason is to update an investment property.

Whatever your reason for a kitchen makeover, you always want to consult a kitchen expert to make sure that you don’t waste your money with another bad design. As we all know, kitchen renovations don’t come cheap, so to help you spend your money wisely, here are the top 5 mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Ignoring the sacred triangle:

The working area of the kitchen is a triangle between the fridge, sink and stove, but many home owners forget about this requirement in their haste to design the ‘perfect’ kitchen. When working in the kitchen, you will soon notice if this scared triangle has been ignored, so it pays to make this the very first element of your new design.

2. Skimping on bench space:

One of the biggest reasons for revamping a kitchen is often because of a lack of bench space, so now is not the time to short change yourself! With one eye on your sacred triangle, you need to design a kitchen that maximises the amount of bench space for preparing food, placing pots, pans and appliances and even a casual eating spot as well.

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3. Saving on storage:

A kitchen with cramped and over-filled drawers and cupboards is unworkable, so always include ample storage in your new kitchen design. Deep, soft closing drawers are perfect for storing large pots and saucepans. Appliance cupboards with deep shelves and plenty of cupboard space are also vital to a well-designed kitchen. Trying to save on storage will only lead to a disaster later!

4. Going for a top trendy design:

If your ideal kitchen is lime green, then it might be wise to take a breath and give your decision some serious thought. Kitchen designs go out of fashion very quickly and colours come and go fast. How will you feel if your lime green kitchen makes your home slow to sell in a few years’ time or you find that buyers are lowering your asking price, because they need to replace the lime green kitchen?
The best tip we can give you is to go for a timeless design and colour scheme with pops of more trendy colours that can be easily changed if needed in the future. Of course, if life wouldn’t be complete without your lime green kitchen, then go for your life! Just be aware that not everyone is going to love it as much as you.

5. Forgetting the rubbish bin:

This is one of the easiest mistakes to make, because the rubbish bin is the furthest from your mind when you are redesigning your kitchen. The problem is when you find that the only place for your rubbish bin is along the wall where it can be seen by everyone, as well as fallen over and generally becoming a smelly nuisance. Your kitchen rubbish bin needs to be built into one of the cupboards, ensuring that it is easy to use and always out of view. This will reduce your storage space however, so you might need some clever design ideas to overcome this issue.

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