How to pick a bathroom renovation contractor

One of the biggest mistakes home owners and investors make when they are renovating their bathrooms is to select the cheapest quote. If you want a quality renovation that is completed on time and within budget, then you need to pick the best bathroom renovation contractor – but how do you do that?

Here are 4 great tips for ensuring that you always select the right contractors for your renovations.

Ask for referrals and check these references

One of the best ways to find great contractors is to ask around your network of friends, relatives and workmates. You can pretty much guarantee that someone has employed a bathroom renovation contractor in recent memory! Hopefully they will be happy to give you their contact details, but if they were not happy with this contractor, then you know who to strike off your list.

Once you have their contact details, always check their website for testimonials and even ask the contractor if any of their previous customers will talk to you about their renovations. If they don’t have online testimonials or none of their prior customers want to talk to you, then you have to question their reputation.

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Look at their credentials

Search for their credentials and insurances on their website, which should be prominently displayed. The last thing you want is to find that your contractor is not licensed or insured, leaving you to foot the bill if any problems ensue during or after the completion date. You can perform an online licence check for trade professionals on a variety of different websites, is a national database and has a useful search tool for Melbourne and Victorians.

Get a contract in writing

Once you have decided on a bathroom renovation contractor, always ask for a contract in writing, otherwise you have no proof of what is and is not included in the price. Make sure that the contract includes the following: total costs, payment schedule (if necessary), the scope of the work, start and completion dates, cancellation penalties, steps for dispute resolution, details of the materials, contractors duties on-site (i.e. protect your personal property and clean up at the end of each day), and a warranty covering the materials and workmanship for at least one year.

This is not a friend popping over to give you a hand, this is a professional builder who is project managing a renovation and you should expect a professional contract that covers all of the legal requirements.

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Ensure clear communication

Only select a bathroom renovation contractor who communicates easily and clearly with you at all times. If they are reluctant to discuss your opinions or they don’t seem to express themselves clearly, then that’s not a good sign for a positive outcome, rather it’s a big red flag. Also, there is nothing wrong with discussing inappropriate behaviour on-site, such as smoking, swearing or playing loud music.

Open communication is the key to a successful renovation, so always pay close attention to your initial contacts with any potential bathroom renovation contractors, before you make your final decision.

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