Must Haves for your Kitchen Renovation

Renovating your kitchen is usually one of the most longed for home renovations and it’s a very exciting time, because you can have everything you want in your dream kitchen! The problem for many of us however, is balancing functionality with aesthetics and our budget!

So here are six 'must-haves' in your new dream kitchen and once you have these organised you can spend the rest of your budget on making your new kitchen look even more fabulous.

1. Suitable Lighting

One of the most forgotten elements of a kitchen is the lighting with many of us just having a light over the bench and that’s it. Instead focus on lighting the areas that will be most used in your kitchen and include both bright overhead lights and task lighting so that you won’t be working in poorly lit areas with the light behind you. Also think about dimmer switches, because you might want to reduce the lighting for dinner parties.

kitchen renovation lighting pic

2. Ample Cupboard Space

Without great storage your new kitchen will be a big disappointment, so do your best to include as much storage as possible. Elements to consider are cupboards that reach the ceiling, deep drawers for pots and pans, space to store your large appliances, a pull out pantry and swing out shelves for corner units.

3. Bin Drawers

Gone are the days when we want a bin stuck in the middle of the kitchen. Now we want hidden bins that are easy to access, keep clean and empty. Bin drawers are the perfect solution as they increase efficiency and functionality in your kitchen, prevent your dogs from diving into them and are hidden away nicely in a drawer.

4. Two Separate Sinks

The height of luxury and practicality, if you have the room for two sinks then this is a great way to spend your budget. Two sinks are ideal for a family that likes to cook together and you can use one to rinse the dishes or soak pots and the other with a filtered water dispenser for cleaning vegetables and filling kettles or glasses. Don’t forget to include a pot filler with your new sinks, because once you have used one you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

kitchen sink makeover

5. Spacious Island

Our kitchens aren’t for just preparing means and cooking, they are casual eateries and gathering spaces, so your new kitchen demands a beautiful spacious island that is multifunctional. You want your island to serve as a place to not only prepare food, but also to provide lots of storage underneath and plenty of seating around the sides. The size of your island will depend on the space you have to work with and your budget, but you know what they say – go big or go home!

6. Double ovens

If you have the space for two ovens, then go for it! Two ovens are such a practical addition to a kitchen that it’s a wonder why they are not included in all basic designs. How often have you needed to cook food at different temperatures, but have had to wait until one food is cooked before you can start the second?

Final thought

Finally, don’t forget to maintain the working triangle between your main sink, stovetop and fridge and make sure that you have enough space to open the oven and cupboards without blocking traffic.

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