Which plants are best for the bathroom?

Renovating your bathroom is one of the best ways to improve your lifestyle and give yourself a beautiful relaxing sanctuary in your home, not to mention adding value. However, you might be surprised to learn that one of the most inexpensive additions to your new bathroom should be plants, because they can totally transform the space.

You do need however, to select the right type of plants or they will quickly wilt and die if they are in the wrong environment. Here are a few plants that thrive in humid conditions with low light levels.

Best Plants for Absorbing Moisture

Bamboo: This plant doesn’t need much light at all, which is perfect for your bathroom, because it grows best in low light environments with indirect sunlight. Bamboo, however, grows very tall, so the best spot for them is on the floor, but since they also grow quickly, it will need to be trimmed to keep looking its best and fit in your bathroom. A healthy bamboo plant can make a stunning impact in your bathroom and is well worth the effort.

Boston Fern: These tropical plants love the humidity of bathrooms and grow best when placed in a spot that receives lots of indirect light. This means that they don’t compete with bamboo for light and do well on windowsills, but out of direct sunlight.

bathroom plants

Ivy: This is another plant that grows extremely well in warm, humid areas and whilst they love the sun as well, too much sun will dry them out. Since ivy is a trailing plant, it’s best to put these plants on a windowsill or on a high shelf so you can enjoy their trailing foliage, but remember that while they like sunlight, dappled light is much better for them.

Begonia: These wonderful colourful plants add a touch of style to your bathroom and are available in a range of colours from pinks and reds to purples, white and salmon. They look beautiful planted in a row, giving you much more impact than a single plant alone. Since they can handle low and indirect sunlight, they are perfect for bathrooms (and they thrive in humid conditions). You can break of bits of these plants and repot them to grow more plants (free plants).

Best Plants for Aesthetic Appeal

Aloe Vera: These beautiful structural plants look fabulous in bathrooms, but make sure that they stay out of direct sunlight, although they do like a bright room. After a few years and as the plant matures, this succulent plant grows baby plants along its stem, which you can break off and plant in their own containers (more free plants!).

Orchids: These must be one of the most beautiful plants for your bathroom, although they can be ‘finnicky’ to grow. Orchids make a big, beautiful, bold statement in your bathroom and anyone who can grow them successfully needs a round of applause!

orchid in bathroom

Mother-in-Laws-Tongue: Otherwise known as Snake Plants, Mother-in-Laws-Tongue is a very hardy plant that thrives in low light and humid conditions. This is another awesome structural plant that looks good on its own or in multiple plantings in separate containers.

Spider Plants: One of the plants that everyone can grow, these plants also love low light and humid environments. They look absolutely fabulous on a pedestal and are very easy to grow and propagate.

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