Kitchen Renovations

Kitchens are one of the most important spaces in the household where everyone gravitates to. Modernise the main hub of your home with extra bench and storage spaces, install the latest equipment and appliances.

Kitchen renovations are key to a functional and attractive home and our Melbourne team specialises in kitchen makeovers from design to renovation completion.

Using our team of qualified specialists to perform your kitchen renovations, we will make the process as smooth as possible, from design to installation. We work with only the highest quality and most experienced tradespeople to ensure the best results and maximum satisfaction.

On completion, your kitchen will not only provide increased functionality, efficiency and enjoyment but make it a future selling point, adding value to your home investment.

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Some Initial Renovation Tips To Consider

  • Use quality materials - durable interiors and quality fittings, slides and hinges go a long way
  • Choose an elegant countertop - this can make or break a kitchen, so select wisely
  • Less can be more - don't overdo decorations, and ensure it's is compatible with the rest of the house
  • Personalise - the final product should portray your style, not that of a showroom

We can assist with your kitchen renovation no matter where you are in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, and no matter what your budget is. Call us today on 0411 423 767 or 0400 038 876 to discuss your requirements.

The Benefits of Kitchen Facelifts

There are a number of reasons why you should consider looking at a kitchen facelift for your home.

Increase Your Living Space

Many modern homes have an open plan kitchen that feels very spacious. But many older kitchens feel cramped and tired. Kitchen facelifts allow you to change the layout, and maximise space. And when you're spending many hours a week preparing meals in this area, having room is paramount!

Get a Modernised Look and Feel

A renovation lets you update your cabinetry, change the appliances, give the walls a fresh paint and even upgrade your flooring. A nice modern look actually increases feelings of happiness and positivity, and who doesn't want that!

Improves The Functionality of the Kitchen

So often an older kitchen will have a weird layout that just doesn't work. There might be a lack of bench space, poor lighting, or things just don't feel like they are in the right spots. A makeover allows you to change all this, and will take out the stresses of meal preparation.

Increase Your Home's Value

When looking to buy a home, the two most important rooms are the bathroom and the kitchen. Giving your kitchen a facelift will add value to your home, and help maximise profits should you ever look to sell. 

For more information call us on 0411 423 767.

Here are some images of a 2 recent kitchen renovations we did for a dual occupancy project in Laverton.

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